Timothy Domdele

Timothy is an 11 year old boy living about a block away from my house in the neighbourhood of Nungua, Accra, Ghana. He’s a talkative kid, especially in contrast to his older brother, who is rather shy. His brother declined an interview.

Timothy Domdele

December 13, 2016 Accra, Ghana

Dayna: If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

Timothy: [Long pause] I dunno.

D: You dunno.

T: Yes.

D: It could be anything in the world, anything. You know,, if you think of a superhero–

T: –Like…??

D: It could be anything– mind reading, flying, crawling up buildings. It could be becoming invisible. What would your superpower be?

T: Climbing. And flying.

D: Why?

T: Because I want to go to space. If I can fly, I can go to space.

D: Wow. What would you want to see in space?

T: How the weather condition is.

D: How the weather condition is?

T: Yes.

D: Wow. What would you do once you found out?

T: I would come to the world and tell how the weather condition is.

D: Right on. Okay. So what wakes you up in the morning?

T: My school. How to go to school.

D: Why?

T: Because I must wake up and leave to go to school. 

D: Mhm. Do you like school?

T: Yes.

D: Which part? What’s your favourite part about school?

T: Like, learn. 

D: Learning?

T: Yes. 

D: What subject do you like the best?

T: Math.

D: Math? You like numbers?

T: Yes.

D: What is the most beautiful place that you know of? It can be somewhere that you’ve been, or somewhere that you’ve never been, or somewhere that you’ve heard of.

T: Like, Mexico.

D: Mexico!

T: Yes.

D: Have you ever been there?

T: [Shakes head]

D: What have you heard about Mexico that makes it beautiful?

T: That place is very nice. I saw it on television. It’s very nice. So if I like I can go there. If I become somebody in future, I can go there. 

D: Like when you get older?

T: No. Like if I learn and I become somebody in future, I become something in future. Like a… a banker… or a pilot, or engineer, I can go there.

D: You mean work there?

T: Yes.

D: Okay. So, you would want to visit it? Or live there?

T: Visit. 

D: Nice! Do you have anything else you wanna say?

T: No. 

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