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For The Daily Statesman December 15 2016

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin A. B. K. Amidu, issued a statement on December 14, 2016, in response to the recent flood of controversial appointments being carried out in some state institutions. Amidu declares he was approached by citizens who informed him that they have been in touch with the President-Elect regarding a public appointment for him.  
“I have followed the expressions of expectations and anticipations of the mass of our people in the media and social media as to their wishful choices for the consideration of the incoming Government. However, the free market place of ideas for expression of personal opinions appears to have carried some away to assume the President-elect’s prerogative of whom he may appoint into his Government by trying to stampede him with choices for several positions within his administration.”

This is not the only case of recent events that, in effect, could potentially cause disrupt for the incoming of the new government.

According to sources, the NDC-appointed Director General of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, Richard Anamoo, was engaged in the unethical and illegal promotion of approximately 1000 workers, brought to light just one day after the announcement of the new president-elect, Nana Akufo-Addo, and dating back to December 3, 2016. The exponential number of promotions stirred up suspicion amongst other workers who, although four years overdue for a promotion, were rejected.

The Human Resources Department of the GPHA were unaware of these felonious promotions, and a source discloses that the Director General went forth with these actions to favour NDC supporters.

“What has been and is worrying for me is that some citizens are using this natural democratic process of citizen free expression of expectations and anticipation to telephone or speak face-to-face with individual citizens to suggest that they have, are recommending or intend to recommend them to the President-Elect for particular appointments. I have received a number of such telephone and direct face-to-face suggestions both from some alleged friends, acquaintances and complete strangers in which they profess to have written to, recommended, or spoken to the President-Elect or persons close to him about a public appointment for me.”

He describes the situation as “nauseating” and “demeaning”.

Amidu illustrates further his commitment to Ghana, specifying his five year run as Chairman of the Public Agreements Board, whereby he was appointed by Chairman Rawlings. He also points out his history of accountability.

“I retired on my own volition after my bitter experience of January 2012 without a salary because I had declined on principle to accept a nomination in 1999 that would have allowed me to subsequently retire on a salary… The fact is that I am purposefully and spiritually satisfied to always Put Ghana First.”

In addition to the GPHA promotions, it was learned that the new Maritime hospital hired about 400 workers in the past week, also with backdated appointed letters. It has further been reported that Michael Kpessa-Whyte, the Acting Director of the National Service Secretariat, has been shelling out appointments within his agency. In all of these cases, the beneficial appointments are in favour of NDC loyalists.

Amidu urges citizens putting forth any efforts whatsoever towards the recommendation or supplication of any appointments on his behalf to stop immediately.

“What they are really doing is what is called in conflict studies “ingratiation”, which has within it the seeds for the potential of corruption. I suspect what is happening to me is happening to other patriotic citizens. It is not in the interest of the President-Elect, his Government or the incoming Parliament.”

Amidu voices the growing concern of the current controversial allegations, and obviously sees the potential it has to harm the new government’s transition. He advocates equality and accountability.

“We should as Ghanaians support the President-elect and his incoming Government in his efforts in building a robust economy and a vibrant constitutional democracy. It is not patriotic for seemingly decent citizens to go round offering appointments to persons they suspect of meriting them on the blind side of the President-elect even before he has had time to exercise his prerogative of forming his Government so that such opportunists may claim credit in case of coincidence with the President-elect’s independent decisions. This portends corruption, pure and simple!”

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