The Sahara Concept

A collection of interviews with people encountered on a journey through Africa.

Something along these lines.

The Sahara Concept derived it’s name from a conversation with a dear friend about the nature of the desert. This conversation was ignited after he lent me the book “The Little Prince.”

In the back of the book there is a simple illustration. Two curved lines meet below a star– two sand dunes and a far off planet, twinkling in the sky above. This is the place where, the author says, the Little Prince landed in the Sahara Desert when he visited Earth from his own planet. If you ever find this place, please let me know, he writes.

I told my friend I wondered if, on my imminent trip to Africa, I would ever find this spot. He told me that the place in the Sahara is a place that finds you.

The desert is a vast, sandy ocean, and it changes and moves as perpetually as it’s watery cousin. It is never the same from one moment to the next. If you stand in the desert without moving, you will discover in a jiffy the very place you are in has become an entirely new one. And so is the nature of the desert, of the Earth, of life, of you.

As I drift like a rolling sand dune through Africa, I will grasp a handful of sand, hold it for a moment, and let it sift through my fingers and return to it’s place among the roving desert.

Here, I record moments with people I meet on my travels, in hopes that they will find you.

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