The Write Wing 

Nestled deep in the Ghanaian concrete jungle of Accra, leaning just off centre, and a little to the right, is a newspaper called The Daily Statesman.

I arrived in Ghana for a journalism internship just prior to the presidential elections of 2016. Ghana voted for the New Patriotic Party, which meant that after eight years, a change of government was taking place.

Nana Akufo-Addo was inaugurated as the new President of Ghana on January 7th 2017, at Independence Square in Accra.

Such timing has thrown me face first into the world of writing about Ghanaian politics, among other things.

Although The Statesman Online is accessible to a much larger audience via the internet, not all articles make the web version. And since printed copies of the newspaper often don’t travel far past the Ghanaian border, I’ve taken it upon myself to make my articles published by the Statesman during my internship available to you right here.

Sending a little bit of Ghana your way, one write-leaning article at a time.